Ghost ghost sonorous! "De Gea" fired the future with Man U for many years.

27 Apr

David De Geagel, a Manchester United Spanishman, announced that it was like a dream come true with a pole for the "Red Devils" for almost 10 years and like a dream come true to play for the club. This place With the goal of being a "ghost child" for a long time David de Gea, the goalkeeper of Manchester United, the club in the English Premier League, reiterated another round to leave the future in place at Old Trafford and, if possible, would Want to end his career as a footballer with the "Red Devils" army Dan Hispanic Mr There are bad times this season. After making an unlikely mistake Nonetheless, he still has the support of Ole Gunnar Solcha, the manager of the team, who decided not to drop De Kea from the first position of the team.De Gea, who had just signed a new contract with Manchester United last year Which will stay at the pole for the team until 2023, clearly announcing their intention to stay with the "Red Devils", and like a dream come true with this great club Spain national team goals Which in the next season will be watching the pole for Manchester United for the 10th season, said: "I am older Being a part of this club is incredible. Therefore, when imagining being here for almost 10 years, it was like a dream come true. Of course, it's very awesome. That has played for this club Therefore, I wish I could be here for many years to come.

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